CA Problem Gambling Training Summit 2023


Welcome to the

On behalf of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), it is our pleasure to personally welcome all of you to the annual CA Problem Gambling Training Summit. The theme is “Refocus.“

This year’s summit will be an online learning environment in which attendees gain a broader understanding of the connections between mental and physical health leading to overall wellness, from their own home ALL MONTH LONG (March 1st-31st)!

You can choose from live and pre-recorded workshops.


Starting March 1st, you can take these workshops at any time throughout March and receive BBS, CAMFT and CCAPP continuing education free!


Our live workshop will take place on March 15th ONLY. You will need to register in advance to attend this psychologist credited workshop.

Meet our Presenters



It is an honor to collaborate with key members of the prevention, treatment, research and recovery fields as we continue moving forward with integrations and expansions of the problem gambling treatment systems of care.

We have a diverse range of topics presented by some of the most innovative subject matter experts in the field. We hope you enjoy the information, treatment tools, techniques and research data that will be shared!

At the end of this Summit, we hope to have educated, broadened and reinforced your understanding about problem gambling, overall wellness and, most of all, that we have renewed your passion and strengthened your ability to transform your clients’ lives.


CalGETS Program

What is CalGETS?

California Gambling Education and Treatment Services Program (CalGETS) is a treatment program for individuals with a gambling disorder and those who are negatively impacted by problem gambling behavior.

Who can become a CalGETS Provider?

Licensed health providers can become authorized CalGETS providers, able to receive fee-for-service reimbursement from the State.

Benefits of being a CalGETS Provider?

Think of becoming a CalGETS provider as adding a specialty to your existing license which includes a new revenue source!



Problem Gambling Materials

"Freedom from Problem Gambling" Self-Help Workbook
CalGETS Treatment Brochure
WAG Brochure
Worried About Gambling Brochure
Play Responsibly Brochure

What Therapists Say