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  • Can be viewed throughout the month of March

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In this workshop, Mrs. Julie Hynes, MA, RDN, CPS, will uncover growing popular forms of gambling, discuss emergent trends and research in the blurring lines of gaming and gambling, and talk about what is being done to address the issues from a behavioral health perspective.

In this workshop, Dr. Linda Graves, PsyD, NCGC-II, presents research examining gamblers and illegal acts. During the presentation, Dr. Graves looks at the “whys” and examines the availability of resources to address gambling disorders, both while incarcerated and after release.

This workshop, presented by Dr. Rory Reid, Ph.D., LCSW, presents clinical strategies to help problem gamblers enhance stress coping and attenuate tendencies to gamble in the wake of stressful life experience and worrying tendencies that give rise to anxiety.

This workshop, presented by Shayne Vitemb, LMFT, will be divided into three twenty minute recorded sections with discussion after each section. The presentation will identify issues facing older adults that could make them especially vulnerable to problem gambling, then redefine aging using positive existential concepts which can be integrated into many different treatment approaches.

This workshop, presented by Steve Kobashigawa, LMFT, will address Gambling Disorder and Substance Use Disorder, similarities and differences between the two, and effective treatment when co-occurring.

This workshop, presented by Dr. Tim Fong, MD, will provide different perspectives and insights as to how the novel coronavirus impacted gambling in the state of California. Perspectives presented will include clinicians working with gambling disorder and affected individuals, representatives from the gambling industry and professionals working in gambling regulation and oversight.

In this workshop, presented by Marc Lefkowitz, ICGC-II, he will discuss how technical assistance training provided to casino employees can help those who suffer from gambling problems reach the 1-800-GAMBLER helpline. He will also discuss how the helpline operates, and several guest presenters will offer case studies demonstrating how the process helps problem gamblers.

This workshop, presented by Marc Lefkowitz, ICGC-II, will be an overview of the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program. Topics are: history of Gamblers Anonymous; 12-Steps of Unity and Recovery; literature; finding a meeting; guests attending a meeting; similarities/differences with other 12-Step programs; sponsorship; and “pressure relief”. Gamblers Anonymous and Covid-19 and its implications will be discussed.