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Workshop Description

This workshop is composed of two related presentations: one from Michael Campos, PhD of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, and one from Arturo Salazar, MSW of Vision y Compromiso. These presentations are summarized below.

CalGETS in the Latino Community: Addressing Gambling Problems Using Promotores

Latinos typically underutilize specialty mental health services, and this appears to be the case for CalGETS services too. In order to address gambling problems among Latinos in California, the Office of Problem Gambling (OPG), of the California Department of Public Health, is funding a project that will field lay health workers (promotores) in the counties of Los Angeles and San Diego to do outreach, education and screening in the Latino communities of the two counties. In our analyses of CalGETS data from treatment-seeking gamblers of Latino or Non-Latino White origin or heritage we found that two language variables (language use at home and English language proficiency) had large effect sizes in differentiating the two groups. When we looked at subgroups of Latinos based on these variables, we found gender differences, low mental health service utilization, and lower participation in Gamblers Anonymous for Non-English speaking Latinos relative to Non-Latino Whites. Qualitative data from Spanish-speaking CalGETS providers identified a number of key concerns for Latinos in CalGETS. These concerns were related to privacy and confidentiality, fear of deportation for those who were undocumented, and concerns about the cost of treatment. The providers also discussed how they addressed these concerns in their clinical practice.

The Promotor Model: Gambling Addiction

Vision y Compromiso has been engaged in health and wellness promotion in California for over 20 years. It has focused on leadership development, capacity building, advocacy, and training. Vision y Compromiso currently fields over 4,000 promotres (lay health workers who are trusted members of the community) and seeks to educate, empower, and advocate for community change. The organizing vision is one of a life with dignity and health for all. Through wide ranging partnerships, Vision y Compromiso creates training opportunities for promotores to help them address key health and systems issues facing Latinos. In addition, the organization coordinates statewide initiatives to address health and systems issues. This work includes coordinating a legislative day in Sacramento for promotores. The theory of change behind all of this work is a community transformation model with three key components: motivating community participation, sharing information and resources, and building egalitarian relationships.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Increase understanding of underutilization of mental health services in general and CalGETS in particular among Latinos in California.
• Know the primary concern expressed by Latino gamblers in CalGETS and increase the provider’s ability to address this concern with clients seeking services.
• Inform CalGETS providers about Vision y Compromiso: its history, mission, and activities.


• Background: definitions of race and ethnicity; mental health service utilization among Latinos; the importance of language in meeting the needs of the Latino community.
• Data: variables differentiating Latino from Non-Latino White treatment seeking gamblers in CalGETS; language use and previous mental health or self-help service use among Latinos; key concerns expressed by Latinos in CalGETS and how to address them in clinical practice.
• Vision y Compromiso: it’s history, mission, methods, and activities.
• The theory of change employed by Vision y Compromiso.

This workshop is 1.25 hours in length. It is FREE to attend.

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