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Workshop Description

Programs that provide problem gambling helpline, prevention, and treatment services must compete with the urgency of other public health issues, notably substance use disorder, to disseminate their message through the media. Many in the general public still don’t believe gambling addiction is a “real” issue and hesitancy to seek help for this disorder is well documented. Also, since gambling addiction services vary widely and are usually locally funded and operated, potential help seekers may be unclear about where to find help or what type of treatment is available. Many programs also have less than adequate funds to conduct full-scale paid media campaigns. A solution to this may include a dedicated campaign to generate free stories through earned media. We will talk about how to work with local television and newspaper outlets to generate stories that focus on problem gambling and show the audience that this is a serious disorder while highlighting the services your organization provides. We will give you tips on generating dozens (even hundreds!) of stories that will cost only your time. This strategy can be equally applied to groups focusing on gambling addiction prevention and those who are providing treatment services.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Explain the key points of how to craft a press release
• Identify 2 ways to send a press release
• Identify 2 ways B roll can be provided
• Identify 3 things you should not do in a TV interview


• Earned media can be a good source of publicity for organization
• Properly crafting a press release is an important first step
• Making yourself available for interviews at the convenience of the media is key
• Preparation should include writing down key points, preparing your interview background, and supplying B roll.

This workshop is 1.25 hours in length. It is FREE to attend.

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