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Workshop Description

This workshop, Healing Trauma, Unmet Needs, and Negative Beliefs in Those Struggling With and Affected By Disordered Gambling, will present a neuro-informed, cutting-edge clinical approach that emphasizes that the nervous system is always working towards health and wellness, healing and adaptation. It will show how trauma and trauma diagnosis can be identified in the typical presentations of PG and AI clients. This class will offer an EMDR therapy lens that incorporates our nervous system and our attachment and other human needs. Finally, it will present integrated treatment and healing components that help transform clients’ negative beliefs to positive ones, help them identify and meet their needs, as well as arresting disordered gambling and alleviating painful symptoms and unhealthy patterns and defenses.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define trauma and name at least one trauma diagnosis relevant to this population
  • Identify three examples of the toll of gambling on clients dealing with disordered gambling and their loved ones
  • Describe at least two unmet human needs and corresponding negative beliefs that may develop with this population
  • Understand at least three specific clinical components that can aid in the healing of and recovery from negative beliefs, unmet needs, painful symptoms and disordered gambling


  • Define trauma and the relevant trauma diagnosis and how they intersect with the toll of gambling on those struggling with and affected by disordered gambling
  • Identify neurotypical human needs and their associated core beliefs within the lens of neuro-informed EMDR therapy
  • Present treatment integrated plan components that address the underlying unmet needs and negative beliefs in in the healing and recovery of disordered gambling

This workshop is 1.25 hours in length. It is FREE to attend.

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