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Workshop Description

Keith Whyte, BA, will review the nationwide expansion of Sports Betting and introduce attendees to key stakeholder groups that will likely play critical roles in the discussion around the expansion of sports betting in California. Discussion will focus on the impacts of expanded sports betting we’ve seen in other states. Questions addressed include whether California should expect an increase in the rate and/or severity of gambling addiction, whether and when the population might adapt to expanded gambling, and if harm will decrease upon adaptation. Groups expected to be at higher risk for gambling addiction are reviewed.

Finally, policy recommendations to minimize harm from the expansion of gambling are provided, along with the challenges to implementation of these policies in other jurisdictions.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Learn how many states currently have sports betting
• Learn 3 factors of sports betting that impact the risk for gambling problems
• Learn the specific policy recommendations for safer sports betting


• The recent expansion of sports betting across the country and the key stakeholder groups involved in this issue.
• Impacts of expansion on gambling participation and gambling addiction, especially the concentration of risk among younger, male, online sports bettors.
• Policy recommendations, challenges and opportunities for safer sports betting policy.

This workshop is 1.0 hours in length. It is FREE to attend.

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